Wall and Desk Calendars

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We are a direct European, FSC certified manufacturer of calendars.

We offer graphic design and production of customized calendars in numerous options:

  • pure one side poster calendars,
  • poster calebdars with metal slats, 
  • multi plate spiral bound wall calendars,
  • 1-month or 3-months reference wall calendars,
  • flat deskpad or standing desktop calendars.

The products can be fully customized in terms of type, graphics, size, sort of paper, printing method and colours, refinements, binding and confection.

We do offer also calendars made of brown eco kraft paper. They are becoming more and more popular and we are glad to be already experirnced in this matter as well.

We offer offset printing in 1 colour, cmyk or Pantone colours.

The following, below  options are available.

However if you do not find anything of your interest do not hesitate to ask directly via email message.

We do make customized samples before the serial production.

Poster calendars

A4-B1 size, coated and uncoated paper, pure paper posters or metal slat with a hanger binded posters

Multi plate spiral bound wall calendars:

A4-B1 size, coated and uncoated paper, available different colours of metal spiral, the upper one includes a hanger

1-month or 3-months reference wall calendars

with a flat or a convex individual head and a regular or fully customized caledar (eg: additional languages, individual holidays, fonts and colours)

Desktop calendars of different kind

Flat ones of A4-B2 size, blocks of individual cards with a calendar and space for everyday notes and planning, mostly coming in blocks of 26 or 52 cards, one for every week or 2 weeks of the year.

Up standing desktop calendars with 12 months or 52 weeks planners, attractice covers, stable backs and possibly with additional accessories like: selfsticking notepads and indicators.

For all kinds of calendars the following refinements and accessoriess are available:

  • lamination glossy or matt, including softtouch lamination,
  • selective uv lacquer, gold or silver foil hotstamping, embossing
  • indicating windows
  • envelopes

Individual features:

  • standard or individual size
  • individual graphics or text on each page,
  • fully customized calendar
  • individual number of pages
  • 1 colour or cmyk or Pantone printing,
  • many options for the paper
  • many options for binding
  • accessories: self sticking noteses, indicators, stickers, pens, envelopes

So as to receive a fast and adequate calculation please let us know the following required parameters which have the major impact on the price:

  • kind of calendar
  • size in mm
  • individual features
  • type of paper uncoated, coated, approximate thickness of the inside pages  and the cover
  • colours of printing
  • kind of prefferable binding
  • eventual refinements  and required packaging
  • number of exemplairs and eventual mutations

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