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Here we offer low prices, & short terms for all kinds of user manuals you may think of.

We are a direct European, FSC certified manufacturer of: labels, stickers, hangers, hang tags, wrappers, banderols and  insets for blisters. We offer attractive and complimentary graphic design and production of labels in numerous options.

Our customers are manufacturers, producers and distributors of suplements and cosmetics, sanitary articles, food, sweets, clothes, eco and hand made products as well as toys, household  accessories of different kind.

We are experienced in cooperating with numerous marketing, production and supply   departments.We labels instructions in form of a sticker, hanger, hang tag, a banderole or any other.

The product can be fully customized in terms of size, shape, material, printing  colours, refinements, binding and confection.We print on paper, cardboard, kraft paper, self adhesive paper also the eco ones, eco kraft  and foil.

We offer offset and digital printing in 1 colour, cmyk or Pantone colours.Different personalizations such as: individual numbering or coding is possible.

We deliver the labels cut to single size cut in sheets easy to peel off or in rolls.

We use the following refinements:

  • lamination glossy or matt,
  • including softtouch lamination,
  • selective uv lacquer,
  • gold or silver sleeking.

So as to receive a fast and adequate calculation please let us know the following required parameters which have the major impact on the price:

  • size in mm and shape
  • assignment: sticker, hanger, inset or other
  • type of material: paper, cardboard, self adhesive paper or foil
  • kind of prefferable delivery form: single, in sheetsm in rolls
  • colours of printing
  • eventual refinements
  • prefferable packaging
  • number of exemplairs and eventual mutations

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